the week in farm photos - November 3rd - November 9th

Its week 3 of my newest series - the week in farm photos and I am LOVING this! Since I am always carrying around my camera anyways, I love that I now keep it in the back of my head to use these photos not only in my albums and scrapbooks but right here on the blog to help tell the story of our lives here on the farm! This week was another busy one - as a family, we set out to do the exterior christmas lights for both ourselves and my inlaws (they live on the other side of our driveway so its pretty easy to decorate both!) the 2nd photo is my view from the tele handler, which is what we use to get the lights atop our 25 foot tall evergreen trees!

This week we all have colds (welcome Winter!) but thankfully we are all pulling through pretty unscathed and still laughing and smiling (Hudson even more so!). It was also the week that Adam and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a little overnight trip that involved my first night away from Hudson (-> yes I cried). It was honestly such a great week for us and now I am typing as my boys are napping, the snow is falling and I am about to head to the kitchen to start a pot roast for supper...have I mentioned I love Winter?!

Here is our week in photos:

This week Adam hauled load after load after load of new gravel for our farm. He worked tirelessly but truly loved it! And now we have a fresh layer to cover our farm when Spring time comes:

my view of our bin yard from the tele handler while putting up lights!

yesterday, I posted this photo of Instagram..feels so very *Autumn*

and now today..the snow has been falling all night and hasn't stopped yet today either! I have been out snapping photos and we even took a few minutes to give Hudson his first sleigh ride!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. These are so awesome, I need to spend my vacations at the farm with you. Like the first week of every season, how does that sound. We could play with Hudson and craft and take long walks, YAY!! I love seeing the snow at your farm, so magical and fun and happy! Hudson is so blessed to have you and Adam as parents, you both do so much to include him in real life chores and play. These are stunning and will look great in your PL album.
    Take care and keep sharing life on the farm!
    p.s. can't wait to get my happy mail from you xoxo


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