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we returned home last night from a little getaway for our anniversary to a sick little boy. He's battling his first true cold, and its breaking mommas heart. Of course Hudson is still smiling and giggling and full of energy, but his runny nose and sneezes and phlegm-filled cough let me know he truly isn't feeling that awesome.

He had a horrible nights sleep last night, which honestly is so odd for our little man. He sleeps like a rock for 11-12 hours..but last night? Last night he needed a lot of cuddles and snuggles to get him through. And man..we gave that to him full force.

Today he has been taking some meds and drinking lots of fluids and taking lots of naps. The humidifier is going non-stop in his room and I am cuddling him up every chance I get. We're going to have him in tip top shape again before we know it.

Other than that, my head is spinning with all the creative projects I want to undertake. I'm getting the itch to document, to craft, to create...and man I have missed this feeling

We spent a night away for our anniversary and it was so, so rad. It was my first night away from my baby so there were tears, of course. And guilt, and sadness and....
but truly? We needed that time away. We reconnected. We remembered how to do things as a couple without a baby. We drank. We laughed. We slept in. it..was...awesome!! And now I am home with photographs and mementos and papers that I want to put into an album of its very own. And I will share it here with you once I get it done. I'm excited to scrapbook again.

But, also..this time away from my son really showed me how much motherhood has changed me. The role of being Hudson's mom defines me now. And I am completely okay with that. What I do now has to make sense for my family. My being away from them has to be worth it, in every way. Because being  a mom? Being a wife? Those are my priorities. And I really, really love my job ;) I never realized how much our days are scheduled around naps and feedings. Or how much I loved it, for that matter, until I was taken away from that schedule for a night and given the freedom to do anything I wanted at any time...I actually forgot what that was like! Which is totally okay. It really is! Because the day will come, sooner rather than later, when Hudson won't need me to watch him 24/7. He won't need me to cuddle him or feed him or play with him...and then I'll be missing these days something fierce and we all know I will cry about it.

So here's to nights away with your husband. Here's to being a mom. Here's to being thankful for having what you have right in front of you...life is pretty dang good

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  1. Hello Dawn, how sweet this post is, made me tear up and want to hug all of you. Give Hudson extra cuddles for me please. It is so hard when your little ones get sick, especially that little when they can't tell you. I know your taking good care of him and he will be better soon.
    So glad you got a night away with Adam, it is so important and everything you said is how I felt too. It's good to get them used to it early instead of waiting till older and then they ask questions and don't want you to leave them. Being with grandparents is the fun part for all of them so enjoy those days away when you can.
    Can't wait to see your album either, YAY! I'm itching to get started on mine too, still feeling so happy about that week and wanting to craft and make things now too. perfect timing since winter cold will be keeping us inside.
    Happy weekend!


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