as I sit here and type this, the snow is gently falling from the sky in a blur of white. Every so often I see a gust of it blow side from side while other times it gently falls to the left, swirls and continues on down to the right.

So peaceful. So humbling. So beautiful..

While I admit I don't love the below freezing temperatures, I do love looking out my window to a winter wonderland with no place to be but home. I love the shorter days that force us to return to our homes and spend more time cozying up as a family. I love snuggling under blankets while watching favourite movies and baking sweet everything's to enjoy with a cup of hot cocoa. And I especially love dreaming by the fire [and hoping that someday soon we'll have one of our very own!]

image via Pinterest

I realize that Winter is not for everyone. Most people hate it and dread the cold that comes with it. And yes, by March I am definitely done with Winter and ready for Spring..
but, right now? right here? It's November..and old man winter is most definitely welcome..

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  1. Hello Dawn, wish I was there to enjoy the snow with you. I'm so glad you enjoy the nature and seasons as much as I do. Maybe it's our name "Dawn" that makes us enjoy them so much, lol.
    Beautiful photos here my friend. I'm enjoying the 66 sunny day we are having and am prepared for the snow/cold coming our way. That first snow is so magical.


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