the week in farm photos - November 10th to November 16th

this week in farm photos may just as well be called "the snow globe week" as they all have to do with our first major snowfall of the season and old man winter made himself at home for what will probably end up being at least another 6 I said before, I *love* winter from November - January..and then I'm done. Ready to garden...*sigh* if only that were so.. is our snowy week on the farm!!!

the view from my living room this week..

with all this snow fall this week, I kind of had to turn on the lights, run outside after putting Hudson to sleep and take in the glorious sight of the holidays at our farmhouse..

Last October, I had to pack up all of our belongings so that we could move over here to the farmhouse before the baby came. Well, we moved and reno'd the farmhouse a little, had Christmas and then moved right on to baby! And I haven't really unpacked a single crafty box..until now. The urge to get back to my usual creativity has been building up with the holiday season around the corner and I even (finally) started a few of the projects that have been on my to do list!

on Friday night, we enjoyed a crab leg feast as a way of celebrating wrapping up our 2014 harvest back in October. Hudson didn't partake in the seafood (yet) but we did have to measure the size of the crab legs next to his 26" body ;)

and that was our snowy week here on the farm. Thank you so much for stopping by again everyone! Happy Sunday and keep warm!! 

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