the week in farm photos - November 17th - November 23rd

welcome to another week in our little life in the country! This week, we spent a large portion of our time in the city visiting my mom and driving to the children's hospital for Hudson's check up. It was a big appointment that I was nervous for and, unfortunately, we received some heartbreaking news about our sweet little man.  Its been a few days now and things have settled in and we feel a bit better about where we stand..just not exactly ready to discuss our situation yet so please just keep my sweet baby in your prayers! Otherwise..just normal life for us here on the farm..we started renovating our basement {which was in dire need of some TLC} and started its journey to becoming my future craft area/studio and I am oh so grateful for it! We also set up our Christmas tree yesterday because I just didn't want to wait any longer! I was craving those quiet mornings by the tree before my boys woke up and this morning, it happened!
Speaking of quiet mornings...ever heard the expression, "quiet as a mouse"? Yeah...I am pretty quiet in the quiet that I happened to be enjoying a quiet morning yesterday when a mouse decided to scurry across my kitchen floor!! I immediately jumped up, got Adam out of bed and we began the great mouse hunt of 2014. Thankfully we soon caught the little bugger...only to find another one under my kitchen sink!! And thankfully again, he fell for our trap over night and now we are hopefully once again a mouse free home. I don't like mice more than anyone else does but hey, thats farm life for ya ;)

Anyways, here is a peek at our week here on the farm:

As i mentioned previously, we started our basement renovations this week. Now, I wouldn't normally want to share the below photos to just anyone but..I am going to be so proud of this room when we are finished it and to completely appreciate need to know what we started with. And yes, that carpet..I know...*shudder*

I cannot wait to finish this area and post an "After" shot...

Thank you again for stopping by on your Sunday, I truly appreciate all of you! And thank you in advance for your thoughts/prayers for our son..he is healthy and happy and we are just looking at this latest development as a speed bump, nothing more. And just a heads up that we will be away next weekend so my weekly wrap up will be held off til we return to the farm later in the week. Have a great Sunday everyone, keep warm!!

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  1. Happy Sunday Dawn! So glad you posted today, I've been enjoying these Sunday posts so much. Life on the farm in winter looks just as pretty and fun as the summer. LOVE LOVE the one with Hudson under and by the tree, so precious! I can't wait to get our tree up now after seeing yours. Beautiful photos again my friend. Lots of hugs and prayers for all of you this week and the coming weeks. It is hard making decisions regarding our little ones and I know you will do what's best for him.
    Dawn, I think it's great you posted the before shot, they are usually the ugly but it shows that you see the end result and gives others hope to start their own projects that might seem to hard or never ending. Keep POSTING the process, would love to it come together. So excited for you and the crafting that will be done.
    I got several PL pages done this week, posted some on my blog just now and more to come later. Right now I just want Thanksgiving, all I can think about. Enjoy the first one with your little man, he's old enough to eat some of it too, YAY! Get some cute pictures for me and hug your mom please. I know the holidays are hard so extra love for all of you.


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