the week in farm photos - October 20th to October 26th

this week was full of outdoor activities due to the gorgeous Fall weather. We played in the leaves, went for walks daily, enjoyed sweater weather, did farm chores daily and got some work done like trenching a line from our farmhouse to my inlaws next door and even got our farmhouse painted this weekend!! (finally!) With a few windy days, we lost a ton of leaves on the trees and they are calling for a possibility of snow next week, which means this may have very well been our last week of fall. Makes me sad to think about it but so happy we took advantage while we could and, actually, a little excited for Winter!

So, grab a cup of coffee..heres a small peek at what we were up to this week on the farm:

Have a great week everyone! Tomorrow I start my Week in the Life project so, keep a look out for more photos of our daily lives here on the farm ;)

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  1. Hi Dawn, YAY YAY YAY!! Our week is finally here, can you believe it!! SOOOO excited for us and especially YOU and that sweet baby boy. I hope you will share lots of pictures on IG so I can see the gorgeous pictures you take of your farm and family. I loved seeing these pictures above, wish you could come and capture my family and yard this way. Hudson is so dang cute! Love seeing him in the leaves.
    Ali's kit does look great so have fun with it. I'm going to add mine into my PL and do one spread for each day. There isn't really much to take pictures of during the days as most of mine are the same so I will do my best to get some of the kids at night. I also babysit twice so that will be nice and Renee has to bring home a pretend baby from Parenting class for the next 3 days, so fun that will be. Hoping I don't hear it at 2am wanting fed, lol.
    Good luck with your week and enjoy every minute of it. Wish so much that I could come and visit you at your farm, it's so pretty.
    p.s. the farm fresh eggs were so good this morning. I thought of you right away when she gave them to us. Rich can't wait to get his own chickens now.
    hugs and love


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