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I started recording my Week in the Life 2 years ago in April when Ali Edwards announced she would be documenting hers during that specific week in time. I was curious to see how well it would go for me and excited to document how our days evolved over the years. Next week it is time once again to join Ali in recording a week in your life and I am so, so excited for it this year! Why? Because we are now a family of 3 and before I even start my album, I already know how drastically different it will be compared to that spread made 2 years ago. How amazing will it be for us to go through my albums years down the road and see how things have changed for us..what a gift to my family it will be.

Today I spent Hudson's morning nap time doing regular morning chores like kitchen cleanup and laundry, but then I also took some time to sit with my album and prep it using the kit contents I bought from Ali's shop, available here

I have been thinking lately about how I want to approach this project this year. I am always taking photos of our daily life but, not so much the details..the "micro-stories" as Ali calls it. And this year I am really hoping to include glimpses of the hows and whys so that, years down the road when we look back on this album, the photos and stories I journal will really resonate with us. I also purchased her 8.5" x 11" templates so that I could digitally record my daily posts then print them all together when the week has passed.

This year I purchased a vanilla We R Memory keepers 8.5x11" album and I plan to use this album for all my Week in the Life projects going forward (streamlining is key to my success)

Are you planning on recording your week in the life next week? If so, have fun with it and remember to record the details of your daily life..you could never possibly conceive just how special these memories will be for future generations..



  1. Doing it each week sounds tedious but I bet it makes things that much easier & quicker. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

    1. Hi Carmen!
      A week in the life is one specific week in the year to document your life and all it's tiny details..definitely not something I do every week! But for one week, yes it's tedious but totally worth it!



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