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I posted a photo on Instagram yesterday morning of the snow beginning to fall on our farm..this photo was taken maybe 20 minutes afterwards when it truly turned into a winter wonderland around here! I was in heaven. I love the snow..especially from now until Christmas. And even though it only snowed a few inches in the morning (and is completely gone today) I took advantage of this peek into winter that I was given. Running around with Hudson in his stroller, excitedly showing him the snowflakes that gently fell onto his eyelashes as he watched all the white fluff fall around him. 

it was a good day

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty stoked to get our first snowfall the morning I began documenting a week into our lives..I mean, hello story of a Canadian prairie girl!!

Our day was filled with getting things organized in the morning for our day trip down to Montana to grab our new bed we had purchased a few weeks back on our way home from Washington. We were so excited because our old bed had definitely seen better days! We did a bit of shopping while we were down but made it home early enough to move beds and bed frames, set up our new bed, feed and bathe Hudson before his usual bedtime of 7:00pm and still had time to catch a show or two before calling it a day. All in all, I was happy with the details I captured both on my DSLR and my iPhone but definitely need to incorporate more photos of myself doing whatever it is I am doing in any given moment. Thank you Ali for the reminder..

So with that, here are a few of my photos taken yesterday:

I cannot wait to get these photos documented into my album! I am going to wait until next week to send everything off to the printers and then I will complete my album all at once. Heres to another day of documenting!!

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  1. Hi Dawn, SOOOO HAPPY to see these and the above pictures!! They are gorgeous, SNOW!!! So fun to see snow and see all of you in it. Adam is so awesome the way he lets you photograph him, reminds me of Rich always letting me get him too. Thank goodness for them, right!
    Hudson is soooo cute and too big and soooo cute! So nice to see him go through his day with you and all he does at this age. I know your loving every minute of it.
    Hope today was a good day for you in pictures and mood, it can be draining but push through and you will love it and treasure it always.
    I'm doing pretty good and we are having a busy week which helps. My computer not working though, using the library one right now. So frustrated by this again, it's been like that all year. But I am sharing tons on IG so that helps a little.
    Enjoy your Halloween, post a picture of Hudson please and tag me so I won't miss it. Can't wait to see if you put him in a costume and/or what kind??!!! Happy end of October and Hello to our thankful month, YAY!
    love and hugs


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