Hello April!!

I am so excited that April is here...Spring is in the air, our new machinery has arrived for seeding and I just have a feeling that this coming month is going to be awesome..

This weekend, my parents came down for their first over-night stay at the farm and we could not have been more excited! Of course, the visit went much too quickly and I missed them before they even left the driveway..but my gosh was it ever nice to have them here while we did!! I hope your weekend was as wonderful as ours!!

The boys and I walked and enjoyed the beautiful songs by our resident Meadowlarks

Mom & Dad came!!

Simon made sure my dad went right to work..

Jakey went for his 1st ride in the back of a truck {& loved it!}

Our new tractor arrived!

This guy experienced egg dyeing for the 1st time in 20 years!!

Mom taught me how to make fried chicken...mmmm

and now we're ready for Easter!!

I am loving my weekend recaps on Mondays! Its so much fun to go over my photos and truly realize what our everyday moments entail!! Plus its a great way of record keeping for my Project Life album ;) I hope you all have a wonderful Monday - see you tomorrow!!

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