Strawberry Update

It has now been 2 weeks since I planted my strawberry seeds, which you can read about here. As I explained in my earlier post, growing strawberries has {for some reason} been quite the feat for me and, therefore, I am quite determined to get a good harvest from them this year. Well, Week 2 and I have to say that so far it isn't the epic fail I expected nor would I call it successful. Of the 21 seeds I planted, 5 have sprouted. I am not giving up on the remaining 16..but success with those is dimming. HOWEVER, I choose to look at it as I have 5 strawberry plants coming..and thats pretty awesome ;)

Thoughts so far:
Growing strawberries from seed is a slooow process. When I read on the package that I was to plant the seeds 10 weeks before the last date of frost, I imagined it wouldn't take near as long and would therefore have full size plants in my house by the first week of May. Now, I realize my knowledge of growing from seed really is novice and I should just read the dang package and follow it directly which, thankfully, I have! As you can see from the photo above, these little guys are just that...little. I don't think they even stand 1" tall yet! But thats alright...they are growing!!

I'll keep you updated as time goes on to see how these beauties grow...please keep your fingers crossed and again, if you have any tips/tricks, I'd love to hear them!! Happy Tuesday!!

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