the week in farm photos - February 2nd to February 8th

Happy Sunday, friends!!!

This was a crazy good week for us here at the farm!! We honoured & celebrated my dads life on the 2nd anniversary of his death on Tuesday, on Wednesday we celebrated 31 years of my life (I still feel 25, is that odd?!?), we have had snow this week, rain, and sunshine..everything has been thrown at us but one thing is for sure - it definitely feels like Spring today and I am LOVING it!! A few weeks back, Adam left for the city while Hudson and I watched over the farm solo. It was a good week but I ended up having one too many problems with a few coyotes so I asked Adam to teach me how to properly load, carry and shoot a firearm..and this week we finally got to it! I'd say for a newbie that my aim was pretty dang good ;) Today we culled the last 2 roosters from this Springs hatching..its been a long time coming and today just felt like the day! We have been wandering around outside with our rubber boots on and light jackets. I have all the windows open in our farmhouse and I am dreaming of Spring! Today I ordered seeds and made plans for my clothes line and cutting gardens..have I mentioned I love living on a farm? Or Spring? or gardening? 'cause I do! I really, really do!! Here's a small peek at life here this week..

it never fails..the skies over our farm get me every time!!

this little man marked 1 month post op this week and I couldn't be more proud of him and his recovery..such strength babies have!!

as mentioned above..this week I learned how to properly shoot a rifle..I don't appreciate coyotes going after my chickens one bit and this should help!!!
 not bad aim for a former city girl, eh?

my ladies have ramped up production and this week I sold my first 10 dozen excited!!
the stores are stocking up on tulips and I am biting the bullet hard these filling our farmhouse with fresh signs of Spring!!

most definitely the biggest part of this week is that my farmer has been taking a lot of time out to work on a big, very special project that is just for little old me...anyone want to take a guess as to what that might be?!? (photo below is your hint!! More to come soon!)

so that was our first full week of February! As I type this the wild birds are chirping on all four sides of our home, the sun is slowly setting and I am enjoying a cup of tea and taking in the beauty of this Sunday..hope you all enjoyed your weekends!!! Here's to another full week on the docket...


  1. So glad you posted your weekly pictures, they always make me smile. I love the flower/calendar in the first photo, would like to paint it. The sky is gorgeous where you live, wish our yard was wider like yours, gorgeous!! Sounds like a fun week with the family and farm, so happy for that and Hudson doing so good a month later. Time has flown by already since that big day. Relax and enjoy each minute now, it's going to fly by again.
    Would love to see any PL if you have them ready. I need to take pictures of mine and will blog them soon.
    Take care and hugs for all of you, happy February!

    1. Hi Dawn!
      Thank you so much for leaving me all these thoughtful comments :) yes I plan to do a PL post of my entire album thus far but waiting on photos from the printer. I'm looking at March now for that but I will get it up!!

  2. Im guessing a photo lab-do those things still exist? Or a canning house. So wish i lived near so i could come and purchase some of those eggs. Amazing photos as always and Hudson is looking so well you would never know that he had major surgery a month ago.


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