Garden Book Review: Groundbreaking Food Gardens

Yesterday, I opened every window at our farmhouse and let the warm breeze inspire me to start thinking about my 2015 garden. I wandered thru our farm in my Hunter wellies and caught myself thinking it was actually April! But since it isn't, I did the next best thing...I ordered seeds from my 2015 catalogues and I started rereading my favourite gardening book of 2014: 

this book is truly worth the cost and covers every type of food garden you could possibly imagine. Have a small patio but want to grow some food yourself? This book has you covered. Want to preserve your Summer harvest? This book has you covered. It gives you 73 plans for every type of garden you could ever want. Heirlooms, potagers, gardening with chickens, herb gardens..the list goes on!

I read about this book before it came out while reading a 2013 issue of Canadian Gardening. The author of the book, Niki Jabbour is Canadian (but don't let that stop you if you are American!) and she has garden plans for every type of garden. I personally love the illustrations to give you a better idea of the setup she had envisioned when creating all of the garden plans..

In this book, every garden plan is its own "chapter". I use that word lightly of course because it covers 73 plans and is 262 pages in total (basically 3-4 pages per plan) but you get a summary of what that "chapter" entails, tips and thoughts on each garden plan and illustration (as above) as well as a detailed planting list as well as a detailed illustrated garden plan broken down into sections.

My personal favourite chapters are: Culinary Herbs for Beginners, Eggs & Everything, Backyard Orchard, Canners Garden, Vintage Victory Garden, Vertical Vegetables and even a Cocktail Garden (!!)

So if you are in the mood for a new gardening book to inspire you this growing season..I highly recommend Groundbreaking Food Gardens!!

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  1. Hello Dawn, yay for spring breezes and dreaming! We can't open our windows here, it got VERY cold again and windy, brrrrr even though Saturday we didn't need coats and it was sunny and warm. Just another tease for us I guess, will happen a few more times before Spring really comes and stays.
    This book sounds very good, will tell Rich about it. He has been looking over his catalogs and bought sunflower seeds already. Can't wait to have green and color in our yard.


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