Talk about a roller coaster ride of emotions!! We made it safely to Calgary amidst a blizzard and very poor visibility..happy to be here safely and all together. Hudson went in for blood work first and did as awesome as could be expected. His veins are small and hard to find so it took the lab techs quite some time to find a valid vein then they pulled only 1 vial and had to do it all over again in the other arm. But my brave warrior made it thru with just a few tears..so so proud

Then we were off to get his head scanned for "before" shots where they put him in this little head wrap:

Surgery is booked for 8:30 am with us arriving at 6:30.
The drive this morning left me nauseous but tonight, after a really great evening with family..I feel tired but calm and almost peaceful.

Our day begins early tomorrow so I best call it a night..thank you all for your continued messages, prayers and thoughts..please keep them coming as we enter tomorrow's surgery and recovery...


  1. Dawn i know you probably don't want to but make sure you eat something, if you can't eat at least have an energy type drink or something with sugar in it. And just remember that all you are going through right now Hudson won't remember it at all when he's 18 but he will thank you.
    Cyber hugging you all right now.

  2. I'm a fairly new reader, and have never commented before but felt compelled to do so now. Sending up prayers for your sweet little boy today from Alabama. May the Lord give the doctor's wisdom and guide their hands. May Hudson have a speedy recovery and may you and your husband have peace through it all.

  3. Hello Dawn! I just wanted to offer a little bit of encouragement for you today, as I'm sure you could use some. I have a very close friend of mine that was born with the same complications as your son, however his affected the back of his skull rather than the front. He underwent the same surgery just prior to his first birthday as well. The surgery was nothing short of a miraculous success story. He recovered quickly and easily. He does have a large scar, but it is covered by his hair. He has not experienced any complications since his surgery and now is a healthy, handsome young man that just joined the Air Force. Situations such as this are just a testament of the awesome and mighty God we serve. A God who knows our thoughts, concerns, fears and triumphs better than we know them ourselves. Stand firm on his comfort and promise and don't give up hope. I am confident your little cutie will be another wonderful success story.

    Thank you for all the joy and encouragement your blog brings on a daily basis.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!



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