thank you

the kindness you have all shown us has been remarkable. I wish I could reach out and hug you all for making us feel so supported..we have read each and every one of your comments left here and on my Instagram account and you have left us speechless! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Today we leave for Calgary. It's the final stop before the big day tomorrow and I am a mixed bag of emotions. Hudson is full of giggles and smiles these days and I hope we won't go too long before seeing his sweet personality again. It breaks my heart just thinking about it...

Today is pre-op day. He'll have bloodwork done so they can test his blood type and make sure they have a supply on hand in surgery for if/when they need to do a transfusion. He will also get a laser head scan today to show things such as head circumference and "before" pictures that we can compare to the "after" ones he'll have taken 2-3 weeks post op. 
We'll also find out his surgery time for tomorrow, keeping our fingers crossed it's bright and early so that:
A) he won't have to go too long after waking without eating for his pre-op fasting; and
B) we can just get it over and be done with it

So here we go. I am fearful and hopeful and everything in between...but lets do this!


  1. Stay strong...God will be with you through this whole process.

  2. My son Joe had surgery every 3 months from when he was six months old (it was a general anaesthetic but not a major surgery)until he was 17yo and the hardest thing of all was not letting him drink or eat after the cut off time, when he was so young it was so hard we had to distract him the whole time luckily being so young he was always first in but as he got older we were waiting longer and longer at the hospital. So I will keep my fingers crossed that Hudson is first on the list.
    Love to you all.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I appreciate hearing from you, have a great day!

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