this morning on the farm

you guys!!! It's mornings like this one that happen mid-winter but have me dreaming of Spring. The sun is shining without a cloud in sight, the birds are chirping like crazy and the temperature is hovering above zero. I found myself putting Hudson down for his morning nap then grabbing my camera and heading outside to let the chickens out for the day and go exploring with my boys. I feel so much better about life in general when I am outside. The fresh air and quiet of living in the country feed me in ways I'd never imagined before.

This morning was so bright and cheery that I just had to capture it..hope you enjoy a glimpse of my exploration on the farm..

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  1. LOVE LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! So good to be outside and feel the sunshine!! I've had a couple days like that too, my heart needed it and enjoyed it!!


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