Cottage Garden

The flowers have long been pulled, the frost is now thick on the ground and winter has made itself comfortable in our neck of the woods. So naturally, my thoughts turn back to Summer! While I absolutely adore all of our seasons, Summer holds a special place in my heart because I get to do what I love.. grow things/play in the dirt and be surrounded by beauty in nature. I am a gardener at heart and honestly? I come by it quite naturally..

This past Summer I spent a few afternoons in one of my favourite spots: my aunty's cottage garden in the city. To me, there is really no better way to spend a sunny afternoon then on her patio under the umbrella, sipping water flavoured with homegrown herbs & fruit and taking in the beautiful oasis she has created for herself these past few years.

My aunt has always been a garden inspiration to me..well, actually, she has always been an inspiration to me..period! She is so full of life and laughter and wise beyond her years. She has always felt like the centre to our family and someone I have looked up to my entire life. So when I popped in this past Summer with my mom and Hudson, you know I had to quickly snap up her garden!! These photos don't even do it justice, I'm afraid. But, nevertheless..please enjoy this little tour of my aunt's cottage garden in the city..

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  1. What a gorgeous and colorful garden! Thank you for sharing these, just what I need in the middle of winter, the hope of spring to arrive soon!


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