heading home

We left for the city last Sunday with plans of making the big trip for Hudson's post op head scan last a total of 2 days away from the farm. Due to a series of unfortunate events at the passport office, we were held up in the city until today and I cannot tell you how much I hate having lost these last 3 days at home.

Hudson's head shape before/after

My friends..it has taken me 4 years to finally feel this kind of comfort but it's official: the farm is now truly my home. The city no longer beckons me. We have put down roots and I have let mine dig deep on our farm. It's the home I brought my little baby boy back to. The "four walls" of our farmhouse have housed me in ways unimaginable. They have sheltered me, comforted me, watched me laugh and cry and never once crumbled when my own body wanted to. They have witnessed numerous streams of morning light with endless cups of coffee and 13 months of bedtime routines. Home is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

As I write this out we are currently enroute back to our farm. We left the city in a blanket of cold fog which has given way to the warmth of sunshine on my face and endless open space. As the concrete gives way to open fields I feel lighter, happier and inspired. My son is sleeping quietly behind me, my husband is quietly whistling along to his 60's on 6 channel and I am taking in this moment of pure bliss. No worries..no concerns..just heading back to home sweet home...


  1. Hello Dawn, I wondered where you've been, miss seeing pictures of Hudson on IG. So glad he's appt. went well and hope it continues that way. Too bad on being held up though, hang in there friend, you will be home on that farm soon. Can't wait for spring to come and see your gorgeous pictures and see Hudson playing outside.
    Take care and give Hudson a hug for me.

  2. Huge difference on the photos, the wonders of modern medicine..


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