Post Op - Day 4

As I write todays' post, I am stretched out on my mothers couch, Adam stretched out on the other and Mr Hudson is fast asleep in his crib at grandmas. I can hardly believe it but yes, we were released early this morning from the hospital! I can't quite wrap my head around all of this just seems a blur to me to have gotten from Wednesdays heartache of giving him up for his surgery to now having him sleeping soundly at my moms. Truly, truly grateful.

Last night Hudson went down at 8:30 and was given a little Tylenol at 10:30 then slept thru the night happily and without any other medication. You guys..that's just 2 days post cranial surgery and my superhero was sleeping like a champ!! He woke up around 6 am, smiling and happily playing with us. His eyes were slowly opening back up and although he is still so swollen, he looks amazing!

After being looked at by the neuro team and the discharge team of nurses, we were given the okay to head on home! I can't tell you how fast that room was picked up and cleaned out! We were ecstatic to say the least!!

We hadn't even left Calgary before the little man fell fast asleep in his car seat. When he was awake though he was babbling and giggling and it made my heart skip a beat to hear those noises again. My little man, although he'd been through so much, didn't show it [minus the incredible incision along his hairline.]

To be honest, what the surgeons did was absolutely amazing and I know that once the swelling goes down, the change will be remarkable. Yet, I do catch myself staring at him often. His personality is the same, his mannerisms are the same..yet, when I look at him? I don't see my baby. I don't see the little boy I gave birth to. And that breaks this mommy's heart. Yes his blue eyes are coming back to me but his face is wide and I don't know..right now I miss his old head..even though I know it needed to be fixed, to me he was perfect just the way he was. But I know everything will be fine once the swelling goes down in a few weeks. And all will be as it should!

As for us, we're laying low for a day or two at my moms before venturing off on the road again to home. We'll stick close to a hospital here for a couple of days but then I am so excited to get him home and start the process of recovery!

And a little note to each and every one of heartfelt gratitude cannot be put into words for how your support has comforted us this past week. We have read each and every message online and are blown away by the community of support we have from friends and family near and far. You helped us get through this week and words will never express how grateful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Once I get home, I will post some photos of this last week up here on the blog as we progressed from before surgery up to his post op updates!! Check back soon and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend


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  1. Loved reading this Dawn!! So happy it went so well, he is a superhero and soooo strong. Relieved the recovery is going very well too, thankful for that!! Enjoy being back at home and getting to relax and have the weight off your shoulders. Just enjoy !! Love and hugs!


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