Post Op Day 2

Well, we are in the thick of the swelling and the little man is handling things way better than I ever imagined possible! Last night was pretty good overall, Hudson woke up every couple of hours either wanting a bit more medication or really, just wanting to kick and move and have a little late night party! How he is handling the pain is indescribable, my boy really is a trooper!! This morning we were up and the swelling was really starting to show. Hudson could still open his eyes but his facial features were getting wider by the hour. When the nurse offered for me to hold him, I didn't hesitate. Nothing would make me happier than calming him down in my own arms
We settled into a recliner and, within minutes, Hudson was asleep and finally peaceful. Knowing I could provide that kind of comfort to him was all I needed today. By this point though, Hudson's swelling had increased enough that he could now barely see and was going more by sound and touch. He'd fixate on things he could see through the slits of his eyes and he started revealing bits and pieces of his usual personality, almost to let us know that he was still in there, still with us.

Shortly after we were settled, we were notified that they had a bed for us up on the neuro post op floor and began the process of moving him from one crib to another and taking us upstairs. I was ecstatic to see we had yet another private room, this time with our own bathroom (and shower) and a window.. Finally we could witness the outside world again!! When Hudson (hopefully) opens his eyes again tomorrow, I cannot wait to show him our view of the mountains!!

As for the rest of the day, it was pretty quiet and went by fairly quickly. Hudson slept for most of the day or else played with his feet and found his favourite stuffy, eeyore was waiting in his crib to snuggle with. The pain meds are still low and steady and the nurses expect his swelling to peak tomorrow and hopefully by the end of the day he'll be able to see us again!

Once his swelling dissipates, the morphine will be cut back steadily and we'll be looking at a releasal possibly Saturday already, if not then Sunday..which we'd consider either one a birthday gift to the little guy himself ;)

Other than that..nothing much to report! The surgeon came in and was very happy with Hudson's progress as are all the nurses who get to come in and be entertained by our little mans grunts and squeals. It's hard for us to see him like this, he is so swollen he is barely recognizable. Feeling so grateful for his little gestures that show us he's still here with us, just hidden under layers of fluid and swollen skin.

I can't tell you how lucky we feel. Maybe that's an odd comment coming from parents sleeping at a hospital with our baby but, it's true! We are the luckiest people alive today..our boy flew through his surgery and is now recovering like a pro! We have a huge support group around us and with us and a family that loves Hudson and us fiercely. What more could anyone want?

Thank you all again for your love and have no idea what it has meant to us!

I will post photos of this week once we are home on the farm again. For some reason blogger for iPhone isn't up to par these days and not allowing photos to be posted!!

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