Project Life 2014 - Week 51 (December 15th - December 21st)

I am blogging a Project Life spread, can you believe it?!? Its a Christmas miracle!! Haha

I have been terrible about sharing my weekly spreads on the blog and I promise I will try harder with my 2015 album to share (that starts next week already, isn't that crazy?!) Anyways..we have been looking thru the album lately and, even though I am pretty far behind in my spreads, it brings us so much joy to sit down as a family and look through our year!

Today I am sharing last weeks (Week 51) spread that I just completed (and absolutely LOVE!) its festive and full of my little to me, perfection ;) Enjoy!!

Here is the 2 page spread with both inserts:

this week we split our time between the farm and my hometown as we spent the long weekend with my family, celebrating our christmas together..

here is the 2 page spread with the inserts removed:

a closer look at the left hand side page:

and the right hand side page:

for my first insert, I cut a page protector in half and just used the 3 - 3x4 slots to put in each of our first christmas photos with Santa! I love this so much, seeing all three of us together. I think I will still put a small label on each photo to identify us and our years but, for now I just wrote it on the photo for the blog!

for the second insert, I used a 5x7 of Hudson after his nap that I just loved and had to include

and the back of the insert is a photo of Hudson and my nieces, after they exchanged their Christmas presents to each other on Sunday..I so, so SO love seeing these three together!!

I have many weeks to catch up on for our 2014 album but I am so motivated now that I have been able to keep caught up throughout November and December! This album starts with our first week on January, waiting on baby..and ends with him celebrating his first Christmas..such a special year to capture in one place.

Now today, my mom is on her way to the farm and Santa will be on his way tonight to deliver goodies to all the good boys and girls..Merry Christmas everyone..

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