a new year is coming...

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our current year. We flip the page on the calendar and BOOM! It's a fresh start, a blank slate..it's the beginning of anything we want

2014 was not my favourite year, not by a looooooong shot. Yes, it gave us our sweet baby boy [and for that I am immensely grateful] but this year was a struggle for me in many, many ways. 

Soo..hello 2015 and a happy [happy] goodbye to you, 2014!!

I was recently texting with a dear friend of mine about 2015 and how it was "feeling" to me [is that a concept you ever use?] I was mentioning that, although we are facing something huge in January, I otherwise feel really good about this coming year. When I think about it, I feel like it will be a year of calm, a year of happiness..and maybe somewhat a year of 'normalcy', which is something I have missed these last couple of years..

My intentions for the new year are to just 'be' and let the year take me to wherever it is I am supposed to be. It's time for this free spirit to fly again

I feel that the way you approach a new year mentally [or anything in life for that matter] truly sets the tone for how things will play out for you.  When I envision this coming year? I see warm sunshine, laughter that comes from deep in the belly, big moments with our little man, travel, connections in our relationships, growth, beautiful photos to capture..I see joy and light and beautiful, beautiful things. And while I know full well that not everything we face will be joyful or beautiful..I am choosing to see the good

When I look to the new year I see my sons first steps, I hear his first true words that he himself recognizes, I see him walking in the garden with me [and maybe terrorizing a chicken or two, sorry ladies]. I see him explore his world on his own two feet and my heart bursts just thinking about it.

What I see in 2015 is real life..I see joy and tears, sorrow and happiness. I see myself settling into this new life we have going on and finally being more comfortable with it. We are facing something scary in January that I will share someday soon but for now, I want to focus on all the good because there is so much good going on too

I hope you are approaching your new year with some solid intentions of your own as well. Not all years have to have big goals..some years are truly just to be and to dwell in the possibility of what it could be

and that's a pretty beautiful thing..

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  1. Happy New Year Dawn. Just being and enjoying each moment of the journey. Hope you have a wonderful year.


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