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Hey guys!

I know it has been a very long time since I shared or discussed anything crafty on here but, to be honest, I haven't made a single thing since I packed up my belongings last October for our move here to the farmhouse! Every box was placed in the basement, renovations began and then Hudson came along and before I knew it..crafting had gone by the wayside :( But now, I'm itching to set my studio back up and get into the swing of things, especially with the holidays around the corner!

Now, I don't know about you but I am a huge sucker for holiday crafting supplies. I buy them up like candy and admire them year round..yes, I am that kind of person ;) Anyways, I have been anxiously awaiting the new holiday stamp catalogues these last few weeks so imagine my delight when I realized today was the day for the new 2014 Stampin Up holiday booklet! I love this company and buy their holiday stamps every year and this year? Wow they created some AMAZING sets! I giddily flipped thru their book and my wish list just kept going, and going, and going. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite things from Stampin Up today, I know its only August but, the holidays will be here before you know it!

I love this image so much. The beautiful papers and homemade tags just feel so cozy! I love this page from the catalogue so much that I created a 3x4 just for this weeks PL spread. Now, that might sound silly to you but for me, Project Life is about what goes on in our daily lives. Documenting the ordinary and the extraordinary. Holiday crafting is a big thing for me and remembering days like today are what its all about in my album!!

Okay, so on to a few of the gorgeous goodies that have my mind swirling with ideas!

Okay so probably one of the things that really excited me was the new Project Life Cards by Stampin Up, they feature Fall & Christmas themed cards to really help wrap up your albums these final months of 2014. Here is a closer look!

On the left is the Card Collection and on the right is the Accessory Pack full of printed transparencies, labels, enamel name it!! And they also have come out with a Project Life Holiday stamp set!! I absolutely love it! They also came out with the stamp set in digital brushes you can download..genius!

And finally, 2 more stamp sets that I am very excited to start using

The gratitude for days stamp set will be my weekly prompt to stop and think about what I am truly grateful for that week. Its a practice I have realized I need to begin doing to sometimes remind myself of how blessed I truly am.

And the seasonally scattered stamps? How gorgeous are they!?!

All in all, I found inspiration on every single page and LOVE what they came out with for this coming holiday season. If you want to check out the PDF for yourself, hop on over to there site here and take a gander!

Every year I take our holiday photo and order our Christmas cards to mail out to family and friends. This year, however, I am tackling the job myself! Creating homemade cards for friends and family will be a little labour of love that I am looking forward to starting! Hope I have inspired you today to get those crafting supplies out and create something today!!


  1. I seriously love your blog :) My mom used stampin up a LOT (stil does) and a bunch of ladies back home are big into it. There was always stampin up parties! I miss having endless paper, stamps etc at my finger tips! I don't have room (or money for that matter!) for the supplies in my house, at least in a large amount! I have the digital scrapbooking program..and LOVE it!
    LOVE seeing this post, brought back many memories of us girls making holiday cards to sell. Please post your projects!

    1. Thank you so much! I had no idea you used to make cards as well, funny how us farmgirls always seem to have so many similarities! I am so excited to make some holiday projects this year, have lots of plans for my scrap space this winter and definitely plan to share it all here!! Keep in touch ;)

  2. Hello Dawn! I made it here finally, hardly on the computer anymore but so glad I made time to stop here. WOW, all these holiday goodies has me excited too. They look amazing and so pretty, I bet your cards will look so professional and beautiful. I hope to make homemade cards too, I say it every year but hasn't happened yet. Have fun getting crafty again dear friend.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Dawn!! Yes this new release has me so excited for the upcoming holidays..hope to document it all :)


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