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I was so enamoured with Ali Edwards' recent blog post that summarized their life as of late that I knew I wanted to take a moment and think about where my family and I am at, at this point in our year. Documenting our lives has fallen to the wayside as of late for me, what with packing up my craft supplies last October, moving house, renovating, having a baby..those boxes are still packed away in our basement and I have been so busy being a mom and a wife that I have left that part of me aside, until now. I finally feel ready to get back into those albums and truly document our lives the way they deserve to be.

I have already ordered prints to keep caught up with my Project Life album, pre-ordered albums for my 2014 December Daily as well as my 2015 One Little Word album. The future looks promising ;)

And with that, here is my little summary of our family at the end of Summer

[Adam] working so hard around the farm to play catch up with the million projects on the proverbial To Do list. It seems like work around the farm will never be fully caught up as new projects always pop up! What has always amazed me about my farmer though is how he takes it all in stride. He loves to be busy and rarely ever complains about the work ahead. He takes pride in his farm, his work and most of all, his family and that is something I admire deeply about him.

We just went thru 4 straight days of rain which is unheard of for this time of year & very frustrating as we desperately try to finish our harvest before the weather turns. At the moment, we have our peas off the ground and into the bins. Thats a mere 10% of our harvest. But, thats the name of the game when your office is your backyard and Mother Nature is your boss!

[Hudson] is growing like a weed in front of my very own eyes. It seems forever ago that he was just a tiny, fragile newborn and now I have this person in front of me! He is developing such a huge personality already and I fall more in love with him every day. Every morning I walk into his nursery and am greeted by the biggest grin you could imagine. We have a set routine in our days now that I craved so badly when we first brought him home. So thankful for such a quick & smooth transition into our new life this Summer.

Hudson is such a serious little boy, more interested in the mechanics of the world around him and loves to grasp everything in sight and discover the world around him for himself. His current favourites are playing on his musical mat, jolly jumping and sitting on someones' shoulders to get the best view in the house. He loves his blankets as well as grasping mommy's hair while sucking his thumb for comfort. Its so odd, its adorable!

Weighs: approx 15lbs  Length: 24" Teeth: 0
Loves: Baby Mumums, fruits & vegetables (esp butternut squash & prunes), bath time, swinging, being tickled under his ribs (gently)
Hates: facial hair, being spooked

[Dawn] this year has by far been the most challenging of my life. Not only did I become a mother but there have been so many changes in my life..some many changes in ME

This Summer I have been challenging myself as a mother & as a photographer. I have been nurturing myself as I finally allow myself to grieve the loss of my dad as well as the loss of other relationships I once held dear. Loss is such a huge process to go through, it leaves you raw and open and, unless you are ready for that, its a very painful experience. I am learning daily how to move forward and I don't think I still know what I am doing but, I'm moving forward each day in a new way and thats all I can expect from myself at this point.

I feel I am at the cusp of some major growth and change in my life and I am so excited to see where this goes!

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  1. Hello again, just read through all your posts below and this one. Felt just like home reading them, life on a farm sounds wonderful. I love the update post on all of you, Hudson is so dang cute. Your picture was gorgeous! So fun that you two got out on a date, YAY!
    Your garden pictures are so pretty and nicer then our big garden full of weeds, lol. So glad some of it withheld the storms and hail. Funny how you will see that one sunflower make it and stand tall and strong, same with ours.
    Dawn, that post on catching up on everything sounded just like me too. Lately, I can barely get all I want done for the house and my crafts and my bible time. I keep feeling like I get nothing done, it's all these little things that don't really look noticeable because the other things around it didn't get done. I stress and worry about it too. Life can do that to us all I guess, letting it go and trying not to worry sounds good to me too.
    Thanks for a lovely night of reading and catching up on your blog. Happy Weekend!


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