A & D Adventures: Roadtrip to Eastend

The rain has been falling non-stop for days now and the farmers around here are getting mighty antsy to get back to the fields and finish up harvest (90% of our crop is still out there!) So last night when Adam asked me if I'd like to go on a date with him today, I was ecstatic for a change of pace!! As any farm wife would know, getting a date away from the farm at the end of August is EXTREMELY rare and a time that I surely was going to cherish with my hubby.

Early this afternoon we dropped our little man off with his grandparents and headed out into the rain to begin our day date in a little town called Eastend. Its approximately 45 minutes away from our farm and I had never once been there but heard it was a beautiful little community. And it definitely didn't disappoint!! Eastend is celebrating their centennial this year and has a rich history worth researching. Their main claim to fame is "Scotty", the T-Rex that was found in 1991 a mere 15 minutes away from our home! The research centre is a beautiful little building up in the hill and is completely free for visitors to come, walk around, watch a documentary and see fossils that have been dug up from around our area. I myself am not a *huge* dinosaur fan but I was definitely intrigued by all of it!!

The T-Rex centre had a few tours and visitors but, for the most part, we had the entire place to ourselves which was pretty neat!!

I could not get over the massive structure that "Scotty" was..40 feet long, 20 feet tall..

After exploring the T-Rex centre, we stopped by the Stegner House. This place was once home to Wallace Stegner, who lived here from 1917-1921 and went on to become a Pulitzer Prize winner and wrote about this home in 2 of his novels

This home and this town itself is completely covered in various species of rudbeckia, I was completely smitten with it. So much so that I am now convinced I need plenty more in my own yard next year than I currently grow. I mean, how could you not? They are beautiful!

We followed our little tour up with a delicious meal at Jack's Cafe, run by the sweetest local Greek family that served amazing dishes before sending us on our way back home. We laughed and talked and promised each other this would become a norm for us..little get aways whenever we can!! So watch out..we're planning to explore this year and you never know, we might be headed out your way next ;) Until our next adventure....

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