Its finally that time of year again where one can find themselves in the garden as soon as day breaks. This morning it was still a bit cool in the shade to work outside, but Hudson was sleeping so I took advantage of my alone time in the dirt! I went to work weeding the flower beds and admiring the light that streams thru the lilac hedge. And then I grabbed my camera to take some snaps of my garden in its beginning of the season stage. I couldn't help but think how amazing gardening is for your health, your sanity, your soul..

I don't know about you but, when I am in the garden, its where I do my best thinking. I talk to myself; sometimes out loud! I plan, I think, I get excited! Being outside inspires me, energizes me and motivates me to do more..does that happen to you?

As the sun was rising, I couldn't help but admire the solitude that comes with being out here. I have always been one to enjoy my alone time so, as a new mom, you can imagine how much I treasure these moments alone in the garden. I pulled weed after weed while listening to the songbirds sing their beautiful songs. I found myself smiling while the dirt filled the cracks of my hands...gardening truly is amazing..

The other day, Hudson and I were watering my vegetable plot and I was explaining to him what I was doing and why (I am bound and determined to make a gardener out of my children!) when it hit me that he will also be eating from our garden this year (mashed peas, anyone?) and I cannot tell you how excited that made me! Here I am making this yard beautiful for myself and my family, and I'm even going to be able to feed my son with my hard work..brilliant!!

I have dreamed of this garden for 4 years now and being able to finally put my plans to play is nothing short of a miracle around here. But if you need me this Summer, I'll be the garden..playing, planting, planning..

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  1. Being creative whether with art or gardening is always good for the soul.


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