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Yesterday, Hudson and I went in to the city for a day of greenhouse shopping with my mom. May Long weekend is notorious for being busy as gardeners finally feel able to put their skills to work in the yard without much danger of frost occurring! I was so excited to see what I could find this year that would help transform my new yard into the dream garden I envision it to be (hello English/Cottage Garden!) Of course my colour theme this year is based on the usual cottage garden themes: Pinks/Purples & Blues..and the garden centres did not disappoint!! One thing I definitely noticed was that Lavender is "the" plant this year, I found it everywhere! Which is interesting because I have long loved lavender and looked for it but because I garden in a cold, Northern climate, I never thought I'd see it! But here it is, in all its fragrant glory

Overall I am extremely excited for my purchases this year. I found a few gorgeous perennials that were on my list (and am currently thinking I should have bought more!) including 2 gorgeous 3 foot tall purple salvias, campanula, a pink hydrangea and a purple coneflower (a steal of a deal at just $6.50!)

I did buy a few tomatoes, some sweet bell peppers, onion sets and lettuces (my goal is to not buy bagged lettuce at all this summer, if I can help it!) But the real star of the show is this beauty, my Julia Child floribunda rose. She's the most perfect apricot colour and smells divine! I believe the local bees will be in love with her all Summer long ;)

In total, I hit up 5 different garden centres and bought at least something from 4 ;) I am so excited to get this growing year started! My mom didn't do too badly either!

My favourite greenhouse was our last stop. They are the ones I go to for my veggies and roses every year (including this years' Julia Child rose!) They have aisles upon aisles of the most amazing smelling roses you have ever come across

I loved wandering all the aisles and looking at all the beautiful flowers after what has been one of the longest, coldest winters we have ever had. It made me want my greenhouse that much more!!

Everything looked so beautiful..I wanted one of each!

And another reason why my favourite greenhouse is a favourite of mine? They have animals there..of course!! In the back corner, they have a little goat, some bantam chickens, a few bunnies, a couple of geese and an adorable little kitten. To my surprise, this year they had 2 little chicks with one of their hens. can you spot the 2nd chick? Hehe

Here's to another beautiful Summer in the garden!

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