Project Life - Week 8

Its another week in the books for me and I cannot tell you how much I'm loving this project this year! So, so, SO happy I am sticking with it! It excites me to sit down and go thru my photos and just record our life. Looking back on my album just makes me smile..what a treasure this will be for our family for years to come! What I loved most about week 8? Nothing significant happened. I mean it. I loved that it was just a quiet, regular week..nothing big, nothing news-worthy..just photos of us, our family..our animals..our life. I love it.

Here is my 2 page spread

Here's the left side of this week

This was the week of near white - out conditions and bone chilling cold so we stayed in most days and I didn't complain one bit. The dome was quiet, we were was perfect.

And the right side of my spread

The right hand side feels very "Spring in the Country" to me, which I love. Of course it isn't quite Spring yet but I do live in the country ;)
My title card this week was really just plain fun for me. I have so many embellishments that I decided I needed to start bringing them out and using them. I'm hoarding them, if you must know, and it isn't healthy!
I snapped this photo of my farmer with my phone one random morning and just fell in love with it. When he wears his rabbit hat {its usually freezing} I, for some reason or another, find him adorable. I added an Ali Edwards brush on top of the photo that is totally how I feel about Adam, "my life is awesome because you are in it"...*sigh*, so true
Ahh, my Jakey. How I love him. And how I love that "dogsicle" beard of his!! I swear, less than 20 mins outside on a cold day and this is what you'll open the door to..its hilarious!
As y'all know, I love my chickens dearly. They are my pets, my babies...and sometimes the ones I hang out with the most around here, besides my farmer {worry about me folks!} and when I realized I hadn't been spending any time down with them since being gone all the time..I made a point to be with them every day, a few times a day. I just love that I have chickens!
On Sunday, Adam & I took a roadtrip down thru Montana! I love going down there, especially since we are so close to the border here. Montana is truly a beautiful State and it really inspired me while we were there {more on that soon!} This photo was a snapshot of our drinks on date night! Love it

This photo truly was a random one to add in to this weeks spread as, technically, it was taken last Summer. But, I like to bend the rules ;) I found it on my computer this week and it made me excited for there it is!
I know, I know..a lot of chicken stuff going on this weekend {remember, woman obsessed!} but I HAD to include this as this week was the week I found out my big lady, in fact..a Lance! Yup, another rooster that has been quietly hiding out under the disguise of a big ol hen. Way too funny!
Again, kind of random but also worth documenting. Friday morning, Adam serenaded me as per usual and I snapped this shot of him when the morning sun came streaming in to our just seems so serene to me! Also on Friday, I planted my first seeds of the year: Tomatoes, Chives, Basil and far the tomatoes have just taken off and the chives are coming up already too!
And, finally, my week in review card as well as yet another photo of me and one of my barred rock hens. The bottom of this picture was going to be all about how much I missed my chickens but then, when I started typing everything just came pouring out of me about how much I just want my own home and how badly I just want to be settled for once. Guess theres nothing better than raw emotions for an album like I left it and I love it!
Thats Week 8 friends! Thank you so much for stopping by and staying for awhile..your visits and comments are so appreciated, I can't even tell you how much! Hope you had an amazing weekend and are looking forward to a great week!


  1. Dawn, this was so good to see, I love quiet weeks! That snow on Jake is my favorite I think, so dang cute our dogs can be. So happy your back with your chickens, bet they missed you crazy! I love that you made it look like spring in here, might borrow that idea of using last years pictur. How sweet that Adam seranades you, what a great hubby you have. HOORAY FOR PLANTING AND GROWING ALREADY!! The title card is so fun to see, love the colors and brads on it.

    So happy your doing PL and enjoying it, great job on another week done.

  2. Your PL is shows everything that you love so much. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. A hen that turns out to be a rooster, i love it. here's a question for you, do the eggs freeze when its so cold or is that a stupid question?(no farm girl here)
    Love your 2 page spread and the stories behind the photos and yes USE all those embellishments don't hoard them.
    Thanks for the comments on my last posts and my sons cook book haul. I am really getting into the David Chang Momofuko one, i have left the Julia Childs one to last to look at. Joes last 6 months of his apprenticeship are in a French Bistro here at our big Resort so i guess he is studying up.Hope he does some practice on us.

    1. Hi Linda!
      Not a silly question at all! Yes!! The eggs WILL freeze if not collected fast enough. I have gotten very comfortable with their "schedules" and am lucky enough to be home most days so can collect whenever. Plus, regularly collecting them ensures they won't get broken! Once hens get a taste of an egg, it's a bad habit to break!
      Can't wait to hear about more of your experiences from your sons cooking trials! I do love a good cookbook ;)


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