Icy Sundays..

Happy Sunday everyone!!

We were taking off to Calgary today for a very important date tomorrow but Mother Nature made other plans. Its below freezing here and it started to rain..and I don't have to spell it out how those two elements don't mix! The entire city is a skating rink! We tried to take off this morning and, with Adams injured knee, it took us 15 minutes to get him to the truck which was then preceeded with sliding down the driveway, spinning tires and a 180 in the middle of a very busy street. After the little turn I decided enough's enough and we turned back around and headed for home. I feel terrible for not making it but its better to be safe then sorry! We will attempt to go again in the morning, so please, keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime, Adam is resting his leg and I am sitting here on the good old laptop pinning away on Pinterest and dreaming up fun ideas for this, our most merriest month of all!! In fact, today I decided to go thru my moms old photo albums and pulled a few favorite Christmas photos to scan to my computer for scrapbooking later (maybe a mini book is in order?!)

I thought I'd share with you a few favorites here...

My brother & I after we opened our presents in 1989

I'm not going to lie, I still make this face when opening presents!

I love this photo!!
Happy December 2nd everyone!!

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  1. aawww how cute these are. I actually thought about doing this and putting one in my DD this year. I love love Christmas photos of me growing up, mom said she'd never seen anyone so excited as ME!

    Yes, you should make a mini and put some of Adams in there too. What a precious album that will be.

    Hope the roads stay safe for your ride there and home again!!


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