Its Christmas time in the city..

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style..

We are still in the city while Adam recovers from his surgery and tonight we celebrated the first of December with an outing that involved Christmas lights, Starbucks Peppermint Mochas and Christmas carols on Sirius XM Radio (channel 4 & 17, if you're interested!!) I absolutely love the holidays and being in the city just brings me right back to my childhood. As a little girl, our family would hop in to our vehicle, listen to Christmas carols and drive around all the neighborhoods, looking for the prettiest lights. Every time we drove by a pretty house with a decorated tree in the front window, my heart would soar with excitement as I anticipated Christmas Eve and the arrival of Santa Claus.

The Christmas season is a very special and magical time for me. I'm like a big kid! I'm a little bit like Will Ferrel's character, Elf..I could celebrate the holidays all year thru!! Today, we started our advent calendars (yes we are not children any longer but, who cares??) and tonight, while driving around the city, Adam & I made a pact that this December would be the merriest of months we have yet spent together..I'm so excited you guys!!

I hope you are getting geared up for the holidays! I will be sharing my favorite holiday traditions, crafts, movies, etc all month long..stick with me, this will be fun!!! Happy December 1st everyone!!

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  1. Dawn, you write the best posts!! I can hear the excitment and happiness in your words and pictures. I am the same way about lights, LOVE LOVE THE LIGHTS!! Wishing you and Adam the merriest of months and holiday spirit!! Looking forward to seeing your posts this month and all the fun and love you will share. Happy December!


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