This Week: What I Want to Remember

Although I keep a daily notebook and try to keep my Project Life album current, some weeks I just get behind and forget all the little things that, in the moment, I tell myself I want to remember. Does this ever happen to you? Well..heres to a new feature on my blog! Every week I will write down little things here and there as they happen in my notebook and then will post them all together in my new feature, What I Want to Remember. I think it will help enrich my PL album as well as any scrapbook layouts I choose to create with photos from each week. The more I can add to my albums, the more cherished they become!! I highly encourage you to join me in this posting journey, whether you participate in Project Life or me, what you will get out of this will be priceless! The memories, the little snapshots of every day life..they are truly priceless.

For me, this past week was a rather busy week and full of emotions, family, doubt, anxiousness and excitement. This past weekend was our Thanksgiving and I drove to my hometown to spend the holiday with my family. I drove down on Friday and Adam joined us on Sunday. I was so thrilled he could make it to be with my family! My family had a lot going on this week, some personal issues had arisen that took us by storm and I can tell you that personally, I'm so glad we were able to spend the weekend together.

On Sunday, we made our Thanksgiving supper. And let me tell you, it was delicious! I cleaned the turkey out, washed him up and prepped him before popping him in the oven. I was quite the proud little chef!

and here was our finished product...mmm, makes me want turkey again!
And because Adam & I got married last November, this was our first Thanksgiving as newlyweds. Although the holiday isn't a big celebration in our home, I was definitely counting my blessings this week and he was right at the top!
Okay so I'm posting my 4 favorite photos of the week but my top favorite? Our holiday table scene...Normal Rockwell? Eat your heart out! HA!!
Here we go, things I want to remember from this week:
- On Oct 10, Adam asked me if we could put the Christmas tree up! I was delighted and shocked..I'm the Christmas lover around here and its even too early for me!
-On Tuesday, Adam & I went in to town an hour and a half away for building supplies and ate at Original Joes, which is where we had our first date! We talked about our favorite holiday memories and discussed big future plans & dreams for our little family of 2
-On Wednesday my poor brother was admitted to the hospital :( He's doing better and will hopefully be out soon!
-Wednesday night we went to close the coop door for the chickens to keep the heat in over night and found some of the roosters picking on Dharma, my poor cross beaked hen. She can't defend herself and it broke my heart to see how cruel they were being. this started a discussion about getting rid of said roosters...I'll keep you updated on that
-Speaking of my chickens, Thursday was the first day I gathered 7 eggs in one day! I only have 2 more hens that will start laying and then we will finally be at full "capacity"! Ridiculously excited to collect all the beautiful eggs every single time!
- This week marked the beginning of construction on the dome again. Heres to hoping we will be completed the construction by March 2013..fingers crossed!!
-This week we have seen snow..not enough to stick around for long but enough to take notice. It just seems too early! And the -5 temperatures have heard more than one grumble come from my lips!
- As the week comes to a close I am excited and anxious for a huge surprise I have had planned for almost a year that will come out this weekend...more on that on Monday ;)
- this weekend we are all packed and leaving for a wedding that is 6 hours away for Adams cousin. I'm excited to see everyone again, last time we saw many of them was at our own wedding last year!
-and, finally...I'm thinking about my family. We have been dealt a huge blow and I still haven't wrapped my head around it.
And that is my list for things I want to remember from this week. I hope you all have an amazing weekend, no matter where you are!!

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