Hi Friends!!

This past weekend we all went out of town to attend a wedding for my farmers cousin, Kristi Lee. But what my dear hubby didn't know was that, since his 30th Birthday is this Wednesday (October 17th), I planned a big surprise for him! As of yesterday afternoon he found out we were spending the next 4 days down in Los Angeles to spend his birthday week at his most favorite place in the world..

Thats right folks..

I've surprised my hubby with a trip to Disneyland!!
I've been planning this for quite some time now and let me tell you, it ain't easy to keep such a big secret from your hubs! I booked everything, hid all the required documents in my suitcase, packed extra for him {and here he thought I just needed lots of goodies for the wedding!} and prayed that those in the know would keep the secret to themselves. And my gosh, it was worth it!!
I have some posts scheduled for this week and we will be back home by Friday..can't wait to share with y'all our photos of this fabulous & fun trip!!

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