The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood

There once was a little girl who's grandmother was under the weather. She dressed for the chilly Autumn weather and brought a basket of goodies to cheer her granny up. The tale that follows is that of a lone, scary wolf and the enchanted forrest that she wanders thru while amidst danger around every corner..

I love photography. Its been a passion of mine for years! Over the last couple of years I have shot a few family sessions for friends and even a wedding for complete strangers who decided to take a chance at a newbie photographer and started me off on this exciting venture of photographing children in all their innocent, childish glory. In fact, I think I'm finally coming in to my own..I know the style I'd like to achieve from all my photo shoots and, while I practice and dream..I have my cute nieces to model for me at my every whim ;)
A few weeks ago I came across this idea that I wanted to do a Little Red Riding Hood themed photoshoot with all the beautiful Autumn leaves that have fallen all around us. I found the costume {easy to do in October!} and what follows made my heart sing..
My lil red riding hood..
She wanders thru the forrest, peeking around every tree..
I'm pretty sure Lil Red has never looked so cute!!
and it wouldn't be an ending without Lil Red reading Little Red now would it?

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