A Coop to Build a Dream On..

Now my husband already proclaims that my chickens are the most loved (re: spoiled) chickens in the world but I have to tell you, they need a new coop. The one they currently reside in has always been a temporary fix until my farmer had the time to build the coop of my dreams and, lets be honest..the more time he takes, the bigger my dreams get ;)

Its not that their current coop isn't safe or comfortable. Trust me, I requested Fort Knox before I could leave them in there and minus the one fateful day of the Chicken Rodeo, my chickens have been safe and sound! Its just more..well...about the looks of it and the space. They have enough room for themselves but if I am ever to add more chickens, they won't have enough room to roost let alone peck around the pen!

You see, their current {temporary} coop looks like this:

Its safe, it keeps them warm at night and dry from the natural elements but, lets be honest, its a bit of an eye sore! Now, most people respond with, "So what, they're just chickens". But they aren't just chickens to me...they're my pets..and I really, really love them ;) I want a barn style coop (we farm grains but no livestock so, sadly, we have yet to have an actual red barn in the yard..don't worry though, I'm going to change that!) and I want doors from the outside to collect eggs if I don't want to walk in and disturb any layers while in their nesting boxes. I want a bigger coop so they have plenty of space to roost while I walk around and check things out. I want a bigger pen for them so they can have space to forage and peck. I want a roost outside as well for them to laze around on hot summer days while feeling safe & content (the reason roosts are off the ground is because chickens only truly feel safe if they are off the ground at night)...I want, I want, I want...lol

Okay so I may be crazy but I really have dreams of a sweet coop such as this..

Am I crazy? Maybe so. But I figure, I live on a farm with tons of space and I have a hubby and a dad that love to build and can make some amazing things..so, why not? Will it happen this winter? Who knows..but I can see a shiny new red barn in my chickens future..they'll never know what hit them!
And, once our new coop comes to fruition..I saw this and it made me swoon, I really think its such a cute idea..putting their names on the door. You know, spruce it up, make it homey ;)
Speaking of names..I want to name my hen house but I want something clever! I've been thinking of the Cluckhouse but I think I'd like something else better..I mean, The Egg Plant {above}..now thats clever! Any ideas my friends?! I'd love to hear them!!

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