Happy Birthday Beau!!

Photo Taken February 15, 2011, the day after we got engaged @ Disneyland
As you may know by now, today is my dear hubby's s 30th Birthday & I surprised him with a trip to Disneyland and it may just be the birthday gift to beat for the rest of our lives ;)
I wanted to take a quick moment to wish my farmer a very happy birthday today. He is the man of my dreams and most days I wonder how I ever became so lucky as to marry him. He is my best friend and I am still giddy every morning that I get to live this fabulous life right alongside him!
Happy Birthday Beau!! Now, lets get back in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean!!


  1. Congratulations on your man's birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day of celebrations.

  2. Hi Dawn!! Happy Belated birthday to your dear sweet hubby!! What a wonderful gift for you to give him, love that you surpris him this way!! I know you wil have so much fun!! We went their on our honeymoon and one other time since then. Hoping to go next spring with the kids.

    You had so many posts for me to catch up on, sorry to be late on them.

    Sending hugs and prayers or your family and whatever your going thru. Hope it all turns out well adn everyone is ok.

    I love that your going to write/blog things to remember. This is what I love to do also, all those little things that pass by so quickly and I forget. Looking forward to reading more of your posts like this. These are all good things to remember.

    WOW WOW WOW look at your first turkey, WAY TO GO DAWN!!! I'm so happy and proud of you, knew you couldn't wait for this big day. I love the pictures!!

    Love the idea of naming your chicken coop, great designs for the new one.

    So many happy and exciting things in your life right now. It's been a great year hasn't it.

    Will see you when you get back from you trip!!


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