a part of this farm forever

{starting today I will be on a bit of a holiday with the hubs and my family and will not be back to regular posting til mid week next week, I have scheduled posts for the days I am gone though, so you just might not even realize I'm gone!!}
In the midst of our crazy busy beginning of summer, we had about 13 loads of concrete delivered to the farm to fill the pilings that our 10 new grain bins will stand on. It was a big job that required all hands on deck at times and very long hours. I'll show you in another post exactly what we did, but today was a fun little thing A & I did after the concrete was poured...we marked our existence here for many years to come..

We left our handprints {and paw prints} in the concrete so that no matter where we are, a part of us will always be here on the farm..

Our piling dried beautifully and looks amazing. Unfortunately, Jakeys got a little destroyed while taking the form off but never the less, his paw prints will remain here forever as well..

(this picture is hard to make out but Jakes name & date are on either side of the metal while his paw prints are on the bottom)

This little marking, however small it may be, helped connect me that much more to the farm. It allows me to feel as though I belong here..and thats all anyone every wants, come to think of it!!

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