The Family that Canoes Together..

For our holiday weekend (Canada Day) we took off to the lake with family for a fun filled, relaxing evening by the water. It always amazes me that a place in the middle of the prairies, a mere hour and a half away from the farm can host such a relaxing atmosphere and make everyone take their time to enjoy the simple things in life. We sat and talked, we drank beer, we swam, we went on the jet ski, we fished, we roasted marshmallows, we slept. But something that truly stands out to me about our weekend at the lake was that we went for a canoe farmer, me..and Jakey. Yup folks, we take our dog everywhere..

At first, Jakey did not want to get in the canoe with us, I hardly blame him! But I thought it would be cute and fun and let me tell you, once we got in and he started moving around, threatening that we could tip over, I quickly realized the error in my thinking. But, we got some really fun photos out of the deal and even a few "aww, they brought their dog" comments from fellow boaters on the lake..making all worth while! The fact that we didn't tip, was purely just a bonus..

Getting Jakey in to the canoe was actually fairly painless and quick. He was very hesitant to get in on his own, but after a little push from me, he was good to go!!

Seeing these photos makes me smile..I just really love my little family :)

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