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So far, things are really coming along. Despite the heat and dry conditions, my little vegetable garden is surpassing all odds and really starting to come to life! {thank goodness for sprinkler systems!!} I still can't believe that every time I go out to meander thru my pathways, something new is always popping up!! As this was initially a practice garden to see what grows well here and what doesn't, I am steadily making notes for next year {make pumpkin patch bigger, grow more potatoes, etc} and also marking what new things I'd like to try under my "more experienced green thumb of the future" lol

Today I thought I'd take you on a little tour of my garden..

My peppers have been growing steadily and, to be honest, I have no idea how they are still standing after the hurricane-like winds we have been experiencing!! The label says they are orange sweet bell peppers, can't wait to see them start to turn!!

I actually have tomatoes now. I never thought this day would come! After first planting them, the winds were so horrible {my garden is unprotected from North, East and Southern winds so I always pray for West winds!} I thought not a soul would survive...but they did, and they are thriving! Some of my plants are already 2 feet tall!! I go over them every single day to see which one has new fruits, love it!

My pumpkins are looking really healthy and starting to vine out..I can hardly wait for the first orbs to pop that will be fun to watch! I lost about half of my pumpkin plants {again to wind} but they were so thick and in such a cramped space that I think it may have just worked out for the better!

My green and yellow pole beans have finally started vining out and growing up! {see the one behind growing up so vigorously?!} Pretty excited for these as we eat beans a LOT around here!

My green and yellow onions look awesome..they smell, well, like onions..but thats alright in the garden!!

I have more strawberries now too! Trust me, my one strawberry a year history has finally been trumped {not by much, but still} I am looking forward to these tasty have no idea!!

Some of my sweet peas have started to open up..their smell is intoxicating..I have another 200 or so of these plants so this going to be beautiful!!

My pickling cukes! They are slow to start but they have really taken off now { I'm also growing dill..fingers crossed I actually make dill pickles this year!}

My head lettuce. I tore some off the other day for a salad..yummy!!


Look how HUGE my sunflowers are already!!

and my peas..look how many there are! I ate 2 pods this morning and they are sweet and savory..gosh I love summer!!! Happy Gardening everyone!!

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    Sounds like you are doing great and so is your garden. Thanks for sharing all the great photos. Our garden is doing great also. My hubby just worked in it and came in to say how proud and happy he is with it.

    I was just at Unscripted Sketches and hinting that you should go check it out, good news for you!! I'm not surprised at all!!

    We are doing good here, enjoying the weather and trying to slow down summer!!

    Sending you wishes for rain, we need it badly too. Take care and enjoy the yummy harvest when it's ready.
    Love and hugs


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