Simple Summer Pleasures

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I have no idea how I managed to leave this blog virtually silent these past 2 weeks but I do apologize! I guess the beginning of Summer has been busier than I thought it would be and unfortunately my little space on here was thrown to the bottom on the priority list! But, never fear..I'm back!!! We have been so busy around here, I can hardly wait to share with you what I have been up to!! But first off, I just have to tell you about my weekend findings in the garden.

Its Month 3 in my vegetable garden and I am just as in love with it as I was the very first day..and trust me, that is highly unusual for my personality! Normally, I am over the moon ecstatic about a project but after a while I'm off and on to the next big thing, but not my garden, nope..I'm enamoured by it and every thing it does.

I will be doing a post later this week to take you thru another tour of my garden and let you see how much it has grown since last time I blogged, you just might be blown away by some things! For instance, I have peas..hundreds of them!! and in just a week or so, we will be shelling and eating them by the pound..oh yum! And some of my sunflowers? 2 feet high already! It still makes me giddy to go out there and see what has grown since the day before, what an amazing thrill it is to grow your own food. Why haven't I done this sooner?

On Saturday morning the air was thick and humid, the sun beat down on us and the first wildflowers began to open up, which of course is an invitation for me to pick them! I loaded up Simon in the golf cart and away we went along the mustard field, picking sunflowers and other wildflowers and all I could think of was being a little girl at the lake and picking wildflowers for my grandma who would place them in a can on our dining room table. They would die the next day and I would go and pick some more..and I loved it so much and still do to this day!!

So I filled up my mason jar with all the little pretties I could find then brought then home to sit on our patio table, just like I did so many years ago..

These flowers are the essence of summer to me. They represent so many memories and passions, I just look at them every time I walk by the table and smile thinking, "ahh, summer is FINALLY here!"

Then Saturday afternoon, while burning garbage and weeding my garden, I came up with the idea of checking my potatoes to see if I had any decent sized baby potatoes to harvest and eat and you will never understand the excitement I felt when I uncovered my first baby red! It was like winning the lottery, I swear! I wish I had a photograph of my face! I had uncovered gold that was grown and nurtured by my very own hands!! I plucked that first potato out of the ground and ran to my husband to show him what I had found. Of course he was merely excited that we could eat them for supper, but proud of me none-the-less

Now, buying these sweet little gems at the farmers market is truly a treat..but growing them yourself? Wow, it just changes your perspective completely and makes you appreciate them that much more!! I love that I planted these 2 months ago and have watched them, watered them, waited for them and now they are finally here to reward me for my patience. And trust me, the cream sauce they are going in to, will make this summer taste that much sweeter..

Hope you are all enjoying your summer days!! See you tomorrow!!

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