Belated Birthday Post

I had full intentions of posting all week (even wrote down specific posts for each day!) but time slipped away from me and before I knew it..its already Friday {late} afternoon!! We have been crazy busy around the farm and the last few days we have been working steady on our well to get our water system back up to par. For the last few years the pump hadn't been working properly and would have to be manually turned on every couple of days to ensure we had enough water for showering, laundry etc {we use a distiller for our drinking/cooking water}. This shouldn't have to happen as the pump should be filling automatically, so, fingers crossed we get this work done!!

Other than that, the main reason I wanted to come on here today is because my mom's birthday was this past Tuesday and I never got her post up to wish her a big happy 29th Birthday!! She later pointed out to me that she has a 31 year old son so couldn't possibly be 29 and was happy with, Happy 49th Birthday Memoo!!

We fought like cats & dogs when I was growing up but I always knew you were the most amazing mom a girl could ask for. You were and always will be there for me, my biggest advocate and most loving supporter. I am so grateful for everything you do for me {and Adam} and I know you will be an amazing grandma some day (no, this is not a hint!!) I am so happy I was able to be there on your birthday and to celebrate with our family this past weekend. I'll love you forever and I miss you so much!!

 Happy Belated Birthday!!

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    We have well water also and don't get much pressure from our hose, so Rich stands out there each night over an hour watering the garden. I am amazed at his dedication and patience for this each day and every summer. Our garden is coming along wonderfully and we just had our first tomatos come in, YUMMY!!
    Enjoy your days and being busy is a good thing for you and the farm, be proud of yourself and Adam for all the hard work and love you put into it. How are the chicken's doing? Would love to see a picture of them. Take care and see you again soon. HUGS!!


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