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By now its nothing new to you when I tell you I love my garden. Every day I look forward to meandering thru the paths, looking for new growth, whats grown where and what popped up over night. I get excited by every little speck of green as it pushes its way thru the soil towards the sun and most evenings I stand back after a day of weeding and I can envision what this little slice of heaven is going to look like in a month or two when everything is growing, it actually makes me giddy! I will have rows of corn and sunflowers to hide in and mounds of pumpkins to step over, its going to be pretty awesome. This garden has definitely inspired me and I truly do have the gardening bug now. The garden, and my chickens, are my little happy places this summer. If you need me, thats where I'll be.

Today, after going around and counting the new seedlings pushing up thru the soil {I planted Cosmo's, Peas & Potatoes last Monday. So far 23 peas are up and 25 Cosmo's!}I started thinking about the kind of yard/garden I want when we move over to our farmhouse {once this dome is done, we are switching houses and renovating the old house}. I want a vegetable garden that is straight out of the movie, It's Complicated. Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a photo for your viewing pleasure:

I want a white picket fence that surrounds the raised bed garden and at the West end I will have my chickens and their coop placed there so that I can see them all day from my living room window or while I'm out tending to my vegetables. Ahhh...I can picture it now ***

But the yard..well, the yard is going to be something {hopefully} special. For as long as I can remember, I have loved the English cottage style of gardening. A mish mash of beautiful heritage perennials with a mix of highly scented annuals thrown in for good measure. Every time I see an English style garden in a magazine I pick it up, buy it and oogle over every square inch of the page until I have it burned into my memory for future reference. Then came Pinterest and well, my days of hoarding ripped out magazine pages are {almost} coming to an end! If you are on Pinterest, come join me here

And since a good gardening inspiration post cannot be without a few droolworthy photos, here are some of my pins I've made lately that I will use when building my own English Cottage Garden..I can just smell the roses already!!

All photos can be found on my Pinterest board with link backs to the original owners of these beautiful photographs!


  1. WOW Dawn, these are gorgeous photos!! I love your dream for the garden, if your going to spend most of the day there it should be gorgeous, right??!! I hope all this can come true for you!!

    Thank you for the comment on my artwork. We both have hobbies that require messy hands and end up with beautiful/colorful results in the end.

    Happy Weekend to you and hubby!!
    p.s. we are pitching the tent tonight in the backyard and hoping to go camping next weekend, LOVE LOVE SUMMER TIME!!

  2. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog and I like it alot...l will visit often...
    Ciao for now


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