Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day everyone!! (and a happy early 4th to all my American friends!!)

Sorry things have been so quiet on the blog this week but things just got so busy here around the farm that I just couldn't get the time to come share with you! But, I will be back next week for sure!! This year we are spending our Canada Day at the lake and I am very thrilled that the weather looks good for a fun filled holiday weekend! I am so proud to be Canadian, always have been. I do have to say, I admire Americans for their patriotism and have always insisted I wish we were more like them. I always see these amazing celebrations and decorations and it never seems to come across the same way here up North, not sure why that is...

We have no specific plans on how we are going to be spending our day other than it will be filled with laughter, family, sunshine, bbqing, swimming and even some boating!! I baked my favorite coconut cupcakes (in festive wrappers none-the-less) that we will be enjoying throughout the day..

and I even made these fun little pinwheels that we can decorate with our play with!!

and to top it all off, I even made a little card for Canada Day that I am just in looove with

So however you are spending your weekend, I hope it is filled with love, laughter and great memories!! Happy Canada Day and happy crafting everyone!!

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    Such a cute post this was to read. I love they yummy dessert and the card is so cute!! Fireworks are the best aren't they.

    Hope your doing well and the garden is growing, the chickens are healthy and happy and all is good.
    We are going camping tomorrow, so excited but worried a little. The temps are in the high 90's and we will be HOT no matter what we do. Hoping to have energy and excitment to carry us thru the day and night. Our first time taking the dog also, should be interesting, lol

    Enjoy your weekend.


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