It only takes a second...

Accidents happen. Mistakes happen. And in most incidences, it only takes a second for something tragic to happen. Everyone knows this but when it happens to you, you often find yourself in a state of shock..disbelief even. And that is exactly what happened here earlier this week. It was early morning and I needed to get 2 new bags of chicken feed from the truck down to the coop, so I loaded them up on our golf cart {we have one to get us around the yard if we have stuff to transport} and made my way to the coop.

Our golden retriever, Simon, loves getting rides on the golf cart..he's lazy like that. But Jakey prefers to run ahead and enjoy all the joys of running with abandon in the country...he's fun like that. All of a sudden, Simon started barking at Jake and Jake turned around to bark back but it happened in an instant and before I knew it, Jake was under my front tire, yelping with all his might! I tried to react and back up but before I could, he had made his way out from underneath the golf cart. Thankfully, he looked fine..just a little shocked. I quickly checked him over and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary so hugged him, loved on him and made sure he was okay before proceeding to the coop to let my chickens out for the day.

Shortly after, while filling Adam in on what occurred, I looked down and noticed blood coming from Jakey's front leg and I lost it. My poor baby! Thankfully, my brother in law was there to check him over and assured me it was simply a scrape, where his fur was taken off from the wheel of the cart and that he was fine otherwise. Instantly I rushed him inside, cleaned his wound, inspected it, applied Polysporin and then bandaged him up as gently as I could.

Once the adrenaline wore off for him, he started limping pretty severely so I gave him 1/4 of an Aspirin and my little man slept all afternoon, barely moving an inch for the rest of the day. I was really worried about him but every time I came to check on him, he was okay..just sore. Trust me, if any one every felt like the worst doggy mom in the world, it was me. I was just sick about what had happened and so grateful it wasn't worse!

Thankfully, by yesterday he was already doing much better. Although he still has a slight limp, he has been joining in on the fun with the other dogs on the farm, running, playing and enjoying his life in the countryside. And when we all realized Jake was going to be fine, we all celebrated..including Simon, who danced a little jig for Jake.

He hit the ground..

He shimmied..

He shaked..

He was just so darned excited that his best bud was going to be okay..

And then they topped the party off with a nice, leisurely swim..

The End.

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  1. Oh dear, poor you Dawn I can imagine how sad you'd be. So glad he's doing ok, all that love you give him makes him strong. Love love the ones of Simon doing his happy dance, that is seriously funny. How sweet that they swim in the pond, my hubby would love that with our dog. Sending hugs and prayers for both of you.


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