304 in 152 - Week 1

As per the personal challenge I set for myself last week {you can read all about it here} I have completed 2 miles of walking every single day. And? I feel great! I have always loved walking and knowing that I'm completing yet another challenge for myself, it kind of makes me giddy!! Even though we had rain Friday, Saturday & Sunday - I still got my 2 miles in on the treadmill! Of course I prefer to walk outside when I can, but I am not about to let the weather stop me..nope, not a chance! So, here is to week 1 down on the record books and here is to week 2 ahead of me! Please keep sending the encouragement, I do appreciate it!!

304 in 152 so far:

Challenge Began: April 24, 2012
Challenge Ends: September 22, 2012
Miles down: 12
Miles to go: 292
Pounds lost: 1.5 (yay!)


  1. Hi Dawn,

    WAY TO GO ON BEING SO POSTIVE AND EXCITED TO MEET YOUR GOAL. I'M CHEERING YOU ON ALL THE WAY!!! GOOD FOR YOU MAKING SURE TO GET THOSE 2 MILES DONE EVERYDAY NO MATTER THE RAIN OR SUN!! I need to kick up my walking now too since summer is coming, want a good pattern going before kids are home for summer. I like the collage you did for this, looks great!!

    I just posted my Project Life pages, now the real work starts on getting my WITL album done.
    Sent you an email also, I've been busy, lol


  2. saw your comment on my blog, thanks so much. I checked the email address and it's the same one I used. Sometimes that happens with mine, not sure why. Here is my email address if you don't mind starting it then I can email you back and see if it works. Could it have gone to your spam/junk mail??
    Have a good Wednesday!!

    Dawn rikm@adelphia.net

  3. Way to Go, Dawn! It's SO NOT EASY to exercise every single day! You should be feeling pretty proud of yourself! I'm in the midst of losing weight, too. For me it's definitely one day at a time. I love the collage of photos of you walking.

    Keep up the great work and keep us posted! I'm here to cheer you on!!

    Happy Wednesday! ~Jennifer


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I appreciate hearing from you, have a great day!

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