Week in the Life - Sunday

Well, Sunday marked Day 7 of this project - the final day of 2012's WITL!! Sunday morning started off dreary {pretty standard lately} but by late evening, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and it finally felt a little warmer around the yard. Which is pretty typical for a Sunday evening, no? I don't know about you but I can remember plenty of weekends where the weather was not the best but the sun would ALWAYS come out Sunday around supper time, always!
This Sunday was pretty typical for us, the boys still stayed in the yard to work due to the saturated ground. Thankfully we are already about 1/2 done seeding and only need about another 4 good days before we have all the acres seeded that we wanted! Adam & I slept in til 7:30, he went over to his parents for morning coffee, I fed Jakey then had to run to my inlaws anyways to bring my mother in law some yeast for baking buns so decided to stop for some coffee as well and join in on the conversation. Then I came home, prepped a chicken and threw it in the oven for lunch, walked my 2 miles on the treadmill {pretty excited for the ground to dry up so I can get back to walking outside!}, showered & got ready for the day, prepped the rest of lunch and then sat down with Adam and ate the best tasting roasted chicken I've ever had {thank you Martha Stewart!}
After lunch I watched Friends with Benefits on tv, baked cookies and took them out to the boys for their afternoon snack with coffee. When I noticed the sun had finally come out, I ran out with my rubber boots and took in the sunshine while checking in on my chicks {who are enjoying their new home quite a bit!} before heading back over to the inlaws for Sunday night supper and a night full of conversation! We didn't get home til late and of course I didn't capture any photos over at my inlaws..but thats okay too!! Thats the beauty of this project..make it your own and don't panic about not getting "all the shots" in, its whatever you want it to be!

Thoughts on WITL: Looking back over the week, I can definitely say I am so happy I decided to join in on the fun this year and very pleased with myself that I was actually able to commit to this project fully and complete an entire week. In fact, this may just be the first project I started on this blog AND finished! Thats quite an achievement for me!! And, I have to say it is because of this project that I have started picking up my big girl camera again and actually using it alongside my IPhone. It was gathering some dust since I got my new phone and this past week has finally reinspired me to start using it again! Capturing a week in our life as newlyweds was very important to me, I truly do believe we will look back on those photos and enjoy them for years to come! The fact that this project occurred right while we started seeding is even better, its capturing history of the farm, how we work, what we do and even how Mother Nature can throw a wrench in a farmers plan and keep them for doing what they do best..its all here on my blog and {hopefully soon} in my Project Life album as well!

Next Up: Now I will be taking the next few days to figure out exactly how I want to incorporate my photos into my PL album. I will get my photos printed and work on these pages and would like to have these all shared here on the blog within the next week or so, fingers crossed!

Finally: I'd like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for stopping by my blog this past week and for leaving sweet comments or emailing me questions/compliments. It means a lot to me and I appreciate every word you left here! It was so nice getting to know more about each of you and making a few new friends along the way! If ever you have a moment, please come on back and stay connected, I'd love to have you!


  1. Your funny, it was a baking weekend for most lol Love the yellow rain boots!

  2. Hi Dawn,

    What a great last day of photos these are, enjoyed them all!! I love how the sun finally comes out at dinner too, perfect way to end the weekend I always tell my hubby. Hope the weather improves for your garden this week. Love the angles you got again, how the heck do you take one while on the treadmill, I'd be afraid of either falling or dropping by camera,lol
    The roast chicken and cookies look soooo yummy!! Love big Sunday dinners, my hubby does most of the weekend cooking for me, thank goodness.
    I liked reading your thoughts on this week also, think it's soooo cool that you have this time in your life to look back on and one day to show your kids. Wish my kids could see something like this of me before having them.
    Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate it into your PL album. You should be very proud of yourself for sticking thru it this week and doing a AWESOME job!!

    I'm looking forward to still reading your blog even though the week is over, was so nice to meet you!! Saw your comment on my blog and had to laugh. The hairsalon I go to is open everyday of the week and my hairdresser always worked on Sunday's but just started working only one Sunday a month so I was lucky to get in on this day. She works 3/4 days a week, they are flexiable about the hours there. Thanks for all the nice comments you leave me also, makes me smile!
    Have a great Monday!

  3. Hi Dawn! Those yellow rain boots just make me smile!! LOVE your photos from Sunday, especially that sweet puppy face!

    I'm so glad I found your blog this week! I'll be sure to continue stopping by! I can't wait to see what you do with your photos. Maybe if we all plan to share our albums it will motivate us to stick it out and see this project through until the very end! I love that you are capturing your lives as newlyweds. You will absolutely love having these photos later on when life is completely different. If only I'd done the same...

    Have a great week! I can't wait to see what adventures you have next!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! I appreciate hearing from you, have a great day!

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