Weekend in Photos

Another busy weekend has come and gone! Saturday was a beautiful Spring day for us while Sunday was cool, windy & snowy. I can't believe its already Monday but then again..time flies when you're having fun!!

I snuggled with Simon..

I started planning out my vegetable garden {this is the future site of it!}

I was able to buy two valuable tickets to see Garth Brooks this summer at the Calgary Stampede {they sold out in 58 seconds!!}

The boys prepped the air drills so we're ready to start seeding!!

I ordered these fabulous chicken wellies {so excited!}

Adam & I had a fabulous date night on Saturday..I even curled my hair ;)

My babies are growing & changing..even growing their pin feathers already!

I made my first roast beef & gravy supper Sunday night..and..it..was..awesome!!

We finally have some greenery sprouting..maybe Spring actually will arrive soon!!

And that was our busy weekend here at the farm..have a wonderful Monday everyone!!

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