Strawberry Update

Well, its been a month since I planted my 21 strawberry seeds {you can read about it here} and I am proud to say I have 12 of the 21 seeds growing and I'm feeling optimistic I might actually have  strawberries to harvest this summer :) I have been buying strawberries from the grocery store a lot lately and although most have been tasty, I can't help but think ones grown in my own garden would taste even better!

Thoughts so far: Growing strawberries from seed is a very long process. The package stated to plant these little guys 10 weeks before last frost and my gosh, they weren't kidding! It has been 4 weeks and although I keep seeing new seedlings burst through the soil, once they are up they grow at a snails pace. Two of the larger seedlings have finally sprouted new leaves and have grown to about 1" in total. Is it worth it? Absolutely! I'm learning everyday, teaching myself what to do and {most importantly} what not to do. Would buying seedlings be easier? Of course! But, where is the fun in that?! If these strawberry plants make it..they will be the best tasting strawberries we eat all year and if they make it, they will be turned in to the tastiest freezer jam too!

Note: These specific strawberry seeds are for planting/growing in containers, not in the ground

AND for all you crafty people - did you see the latest Papertrey Ink release? Nicole partnered up with Michelle Wooderson to create: Strawberry Patch

If you are in on the strawberry craze right now, be sure to pick up this stamp set, I know I did :) Can't wait to use it!!

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