Week in the Life Prep

So if you have been reading any crafty blogs lately, you will know that next week marks the beginning of Ali Edwards, Week in the Life project..you can read all about it here. Now, its no secret I suck at following thru with projects...but its also no secret that I do love to start them ;) With that in mind, I wasn't going to attempt to document a week in our lives but after reading everyone elses' words on the project and realizing I could do this..I'm going to give it a whirl. The biggest factors in wanting to document a week in our life is that:

a) I can place it in my Project Life album
b) we are just starting seeding and things are getting busy, it'll make for great memories to document this vital time in our year
c) as this is our first year of marriage - why wouldn't I want to document what a normal week looks like for us?

Capturing 'whats for dinner' is always a great photo idea!

At first I thought capturing the 'every day' moments would be my hang up, but after looking through my camera roll - I quickly realized I am already documenting the details in my every day life, so that excuse was tossed right out the window! This year I also {finally} have an IPhone, making it so much easier to capture the tiny details of every day living..

What does your everyday routine look like?

My goal for next week is to capture all the moments that make up our day. What time we wake up at, what our routines look like, what we ate, watched, did..everything! Only thing I haven't figured out is exactly how I want to work 'Week in the Life' with my 'Project Life' album and am excited to see how everyone does theirs!! Are you participating in Week in the Life? Can't wait to share my photos/days with you every day next week (beginning on Monday - my blog posts will be in the evening after I have captured our days) Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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