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I have never been a 'skin & bones' type of gal..ever. Even in high school when I drastically reduced my food intake and was the skinniest I have ever been, I was never stick thin. As a teenager, it was hard to accept my curvier shape and while I do still have my off days I do have to admit I have now accepted the fact that I will always have curves and have {dare I say it?} grown to love them {sometimes}. That being said, I do have my share of complaints of short comings when it comes to my body type. Especially now, 2 years after meeting my now-husband and enjoying newlywed bliss..when I have packed on the pounds and allowed me to 'let myself go' a little. By no means have I grown out of my clothes but I do notice I am filling them out more than usual and I think with summer around the corner, its time to take my 28 year old body back to reality.

How so? Well, yesterday while out on a walk I realized I do love a good challenge..even just a small one. And then my idea was born - 304 miles in 152 days. From yesterday until the first day of fall there are 152 days. If I walk just 2 miles a day, I will have walked 304 miles..and that has got to count for something! I can walk more if I want to, but I have to walk 2 miles every day in order to complete my personal challenge. Do I have a goal weight in mind? Not really. But, any pounds lost is a good thing, no?

I will track my mileage here on the blog over the next few months and countdown the mileage as I go. And, higher powers willing, I will also track my pounds lost here {if any} to help keep the motivation going. If I gain weight? Well - I just might not tell you ;)

So - cheer me on, I could definitely use it!! And if you are interested in joining me - I'd love to hear from you and hear how you are doing on your journey to 304 miles!! Good luck to us all!

Challenge Began: Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Mileage Down: 4
Miles to go: 300

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  1. Love it!!! Good luck and can't wait to keep cheering you on!!


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