A Week in the Life - Wednesday

 Found this surprise photo Adam left on my IPhone this morning :)

Number of Photos I took today: 73

This morning was a crazy busy one for us, followed by a much quieter afternoon (for me). Adam woke me up at 5:30 to say goodbye and then I fell back asleep til 7:15. I got out of bed, got dressed and found out from Adam he needed me to help move vehicles down South, to which it ended up being more like 3 trips (our land down South is 30 miles away) and took my entire morning to complete. One of the drills broke a shank off so my father in law had to fix it in the field, but thankfully, it was no big deal. On our way home we passed a couple of resident moose who love to hang out by a lake near the road we travel every day
Once I got back to the yard I quickly made Adam's lunch, walked across the highway to the field to eat lunch with him and stayed for 1/2 hr of spraying in the field. Then it was time for my 2 mile walk where I came across my first snake of the season {I have an intense phobia of snakes} and I freaked out and ran away screaming the entire way home!!
This afternoon we had a mini thunderstorm pass through so I took the time to bake our favorite bran muffins. While they were in the oven I took the time to do some much needed cleaning in the house then made sure to sit down and eat a muffin fresh from the oven with a glass of cold milk before bringing one out to Adam {the dogs thought it should have been for them}
I couldn't resist adding this photo of Simon near the end of my day - he loves getting snuggles and will sit up on this bench just to make sure you can reach him while sitting down ;)

What did your Wednesday look? As always - link your post below in the comments, I'd love to see what happened in your neck of the woods!! Happy Creating everyone!

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  1. Hi Dawn, what a great name you have!! I love love your photos, looked thru all of them from this week. I have always dreamed of living on a farm like this and my hubby does too. How awesome to have all the land and nature and quietness around you. Was fun to see and read about farm life, hard work but soooo worth it. How cute those little chicks are, we love pigs and horses too.
    I think it's great you set your goal to walk 2 miles everyday and aren't into the skin/bones look. Things changed for me when I turened 40 and now I walk when I can, but really need to do this more. Just feeling healthy and having more energy is why I do it.
    How sweet to have lunch with your hubby each day, would love that. The photo of Simon is so cute, how funny he is to do that.
    Thanks for a wonderful time here and sharing your days. You can check out my WITL and I also do Project Life on my blog...
    Have a good day!


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