A Week in the Life - Tuesday

Total Number of Photos I took today: 70

So Day 2 felt a lot less hectic than Monday. We were still just as busy in the field and the yard, but it felt more calm, more natural and more like after a winter off of farming - we've finally gotten back in to the swing of things. Adam woke me up before 6 this morning to let me know he was off to the field and I slept in this morning til 7:10 only to find Jakey at the foot of my bed, snoring so heavily! And as soon as I was up, my allergies kicked in so Sinutab was first on the menu for me :( Then I commenced my daily ritual, unload/load the dishwasher, fed the dog, ate breakfast and made the bed.
After packing Adam's lunch I took a minute to capture the beautiful waves in my hair from sleeping on the braids from yesterday {love it!} Then I headed out in nothing but capri's and a tshirt and shook my head in disbelief that it is only still April and I was boiling. I found Adam in the binyard moving augers so of course I had to stop and visit before heading in to see my chicks and find that some of them have taught themselves to roost on a little rooster my hubby built for them. After giving them fresh food & water I decided it was time to get in my garden so I convinced the hubs to spend 10 mins getting the old rotatiller going so that Noel and I could till of the garden in the afternoon {Ryder really wants to plant his own pumpkins this year and I promised him I would look after them while he was away}. Then it was time to head back South and help Adam move trucks around while filling the guys up with fertilizer and seed!
Thankfully, at lunchtime my mother in law brought hot food down for all of us to quickly scarf before caring on with the work that needed to be done before coming home, cleaning up and heading out to walk the boys and enjoy the sunshine & new greenery that seems to be popping up everywhere I look! After a walk in the heat, Jakey and I came in to the dome to cool off and I still cannot believe its April with this weather!! Capri's in Spring? Never heard of before in my world!!
Later in the afternoon, we finally got to rotatilling my garden site, planting pumpkins for Ryder and Adam was able to bring in top soil for me with the skid steer. I still have a lot more work ahead of me, but the garden is finally taking shape! Now tonight we drove 30 miles to the town where our newest semi has been parked for a safety, picked it up and came home to grilled cheese sandwhiches and are ready for bed! Tuesday, you've been amazing..can't wait for what tomorrow brings!!

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  1. Hi Dawn! What a great bunch of photos! I enjoyed that peek into your Tuesday. Thanks so much for sharing. I especially love a chance to see a real working farm! I grew up in the country but have lived in the city for the last 16 years. I kinda miss the open fields and farm animals!

    Enjoy the rest of your week! ~Jennifer

  2. Thanks for the comment =) Love your pictures as well, life on the farm looks so fun!


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